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Refractory Lining

Refractory lining in theory is similar to Thermal Insulation as it is used to restrict energy losses and to increase efficiency. But refractory lining make use of modern specialized materials, which are capable of working in temperatures as high as 2400ºC. Refractory lining have special importance in kilns, boilers, incinerators and furnaces of various applications located offshore and onshore.

We have successfully completed many jobs using refractories in brick, mouldable or castable forms. We also apply additional linings required including insulating slabs / bricks, ceramic wool filling or asbestos liners. Also, we have the equipment to pressure-spray and apply refractory material ensuring high productivity and low wastage. Notable amongst our clients are M/s Aalborg Industries, M/s. Juma Al Majid Est., M/s. Harris Pye Co., M/s. Internal Combustion Engineering, M/s. Ahmad Ali Maintenance & Ship Repair Co., M/s NICO International (in association with Dossan-Babcock), M/s ISO Octane Co., M/s Falcon Chemicals etc.

A perfect example of our capability in this sector is the approximately 31MT of refractory replacement carried out for the Turnaround at Fujairah Refinery Company Ltd. in 2007. The work including boilers, economizer, furnace, desalter and stack, wascompleted within a limited timeframe while maintaining strict standards of quality and safety.
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